If you are interested in the lecture presentations as PDFs, you can download a Zip file containing all lectures here: Download lecture zip file [128.7 MB]


The complete set of data files used in the lectures are available on the R Studio Server (for MARSYS students) but can also be downloaded here: Download data zip file [615 KB]

Alternatively, you can download the oceanographic and DATRAS fish data yourself from the ICES Marine Data Portal.


You should have the following packages installed on your computer to follow the exercises and demonstrations in the lectures (unless you will work on the institute’s R Studio Server)

All these packages are available on CRAN and can be installed in one go using the install.packages() function:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "lubridate", "modelr", "ggthemes", "RColorBrewer", "ggmap", 
  "grid", "gridExtra", "cowplot", "FSA"))